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This 4th International Meeting on Architectural and Urbanism Research will continue with the reflections, studies and contributions that already began in the three previous conferences: Seville (2004), The Vallés (2006) and Madrid (2009). In this occasion the innovation lies in opening the congress for the international scope, since we are conscious of the necessary incorporation of other foreign researchers, facing both the European Convergence as well as the opening towards those countries, such as The United States and United Kingdom, which constitute an unavoidable reference for the Investigation.

The previous editions of these congresses ranged between the recovery of an evaluation system the most similar to the specificity of the research in Architecture, and the diffusion of specific enlightening experiences of the quality of the production in our field, in order to offer improved/refined reflections on the current moment and the difficulties of research in our areas of knowledge.

With these new sessions we try to take up these issues following the attempts that have been carried out the latter years, with the incorporation of foreign experiences in order to detect the existing set of problems and what possible strategies are approached in other places. This first stadium of the issue will serve us to face the successive meetings that will turn on four main subjects:

 The academic training is very important, especially in these moments of turbulent changes in the educational models. Doctorate, PhD and Master arise as not very well defined status where the research takes place. The possible incorporation of the Schools of Doctorate in the training period of the new investigators contributes to new questions and challenges before the future. The topic of the quality will be one of the central matters.

 In this block we will approach the hard issue of the recognition of the publications of architecture - projects, magazines, books, web supports, etc. - and the creation of validation criteria in the organizations in charge of the evaluation of the research activity. Obviously, a sampling of the situation of various congresses and publications in the international field will constitute an interesting contribution.

 Another unavoidable aspect is the promotion of the research trough the public or private administration. The creation and operation of institutes or entities that promote research, the summon of programs and grants/scholarships related or focused on the field of the architecture, as well as, the need of specific evaluation criteria, are topics that should also be discussed.

 This large thematic block will enclose a continuous reflection on the meaning and the intention of the Architectural Research, its possible riverbeds, new areas, the proposal of new models for Architectural Research, the opening up to other fields of the knowledge, the questioning of its autonomy, as well as methodological experiences, that will mark the following meetings.

 This are the challenges that we have in our hands and that these days will try to reveal. The experience of three editions supports its interest and its need to think and to debate on a field that needs better definition and more impulse.

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